Barwa Alaateda, Rawdat Al-Khail A-Ring (downtown Doha), Doha, State of Qatar, 2014 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Aspire Park Mall, Aspire Park (Doha), State of Qatar, 2013 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Omsk City Centre & Park Residences, Omsk (Siberia), Russia, 2012 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Tete Shopping, Tete (Tete province), Mozambique, 2011 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Delta Q, Lisbon city centre, Portugal, 2011 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Correio-Mor Housing Estate, Loures (greater Lisbon), Portugal, 2011 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Palmares Golf Villas, Palmares Golf Resort, Lagos (Algarve), Portugal, 2011 (competition, design awarded).

Alcacer Riverfront, Alcacer do Sal (Alentejo), Portugal, 2010 (open competition, 1st prize). 

Cidade do Porto, Porto city centre, Portugal, 2010 (competition, 1st-prize). 

Comporta Terraces, Comporta (Alentejo Atlantic coast), Portugal, 2010 (competition, 1st-prize).

Embassy of Egypt, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010 (competition, 1st-prize). 

Matosinhos Retail Park, Matosinhos (Greater Porto), Portugal, 2010 (competition, 1st-prize). 

National Forensics Police HQ, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010 (competition, 2nd-prize).

Open-air Museum of the Alcacer Castle, Alcacer do Sal (Alentejo), Portugal, 2010 (public competition, 1st-prize). 

Radisson Sochi Grand Marina Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia, 2010 (competition, 2nd-prize).

Siófok Contemporary Art Centre, Siófok, Hungary, 2010 (competition, 2nd-prize).

Tivoli Carvoeiro, Carvoeiro (Algarve), Portugal, 2010 (shortlist competition, 2nd-prize).

Astra Park, Astrakhan, Russia, 2009 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Troia Casino, Troia (Grandola), Portugal, 2009 (competition, 1st-prize).

Forte Centre, Carnaxide (greater Lisbon), Portugal, 2008 (competition, 1st prize).

Palmares Golf Townhouses, Meia Praia, Lagos (Algarve), Portugal, 2008 (competition, 1st prize).

Tivoli Jardim Interior Design, Lisbon city centre, Portugal, 2008 (shortlist competition, 1st prize).

Vilalara Resort, Lagoa, Porches (Algarve), Portugal, 2008 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Troia Design Hotel Interior Design, Troia (Alentejo coast), Portugal, 2007 (competition, 1st-prize).

Troia Design Hotel Spa, Troia (Alentejo coast), Portugal, 2007 (competition, 1st-prize). 

Fabrica Housing, Lagos (Algarve), Portugal, 2006 (shortlist competition, 2nd-prize).

Aquarium of Portimao, Portimao riverfront (Algarve), Portugal, 2006 (competition, 1st-prize).

Insectarium, Portimao riverfront (Algarve), Portugal, 2006 (competition, 1st-prize). 

Originarium, Portimao riverfront (Algarve), Portugal, 2006 (competition, 1st-prize). 

Portimao Riverfront Revival, Portimao riverfront (Algarve), Portugal, 2006 (competition, 1st-prize). 

Mora River Aquarium, Ecological Wild Park of Mora (Alentejo region), Portugal, 2004 (competition, 1st-prize). 

European Library of Information and Culture, Porta Vittoria, Milan, 2002 (Shortlist competition, 2nd-prize).

Portugal Telecom Store chain, Multiple, Portugal, 2002 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize). 

Westin Lisboa Hotel & Residences, Lisbon Expo’98 (Parque das Nações), Portugal, 2001 (shortlist competition, 1st prize). 

Xerox Centre, Lisbon, Portugal, 1996 (shortlist competition, 1st-prize).

Lisbon Exhibition Centre, Lisbon Expo’98 (Parque das Nações), Portugal, 1994 (shortlist competition, 2nd prize).

Telheiras Housing, (Telheiras district), Lisbon, 1993 (competition, 1st-prize).